STN. is the label of bags and accessories established by the recently graduated designer Stien Vandecasteele. After her training in Fashion at the School of Arts in Ghent, she set out to specialize in leather working. This two-year course made her discover her love of leather and creating 3D objects. Internships at both Annelies Timmermans and Delvaux taught her the more practical and commercial sides of creating. And now she feels ready to present her work to the public opinion.

STN. aims to be a durable brand by using only qualitative materials and by manufacturing everything by hand. Design and craftsmanship go hand in hand at STN. Everything is hand-made at the workshop in Westkerke, West-Flanders. In this scenic, natural environment, STN. both finds inspiration and a place to finish everything to the last seam. At STN. bags, almost everything happens under one roof.

The showroom is the place to be to discover the entire collection, including cardholders and wallets, but also handbags and travel bags. The collection is replenished monthly with new designs and/or colours. All products are limited edition, to guarantee every client with a unique and original product. Mind: visits to the showroom only by appointment!

A key word in the ideology of the brand is ecology. The “I once was a jacket” project is a way of giving old leather jackets a second life. Do you have an old leather jacket lying around or did you inherit a not-so-fashionable leather object from a deceased loved one, which you want to use again by giving it a new, more fashionable life? After consultation, STN. can find a way to transform your leather goods into a new handbag, iPad case, wallet, etc.
100% made in Belgium. Made with passion, handle with love.

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Spend The Night is the first real STN. collection. We chose the timeless colours black and cognac, with the purpose of creating bags that can be used for years and years. With a limited amount of designs we made the first steps into the world of accessories.

Serve The Noon is the second STN. collection. It has more models and more colours. A common thread throughout the collection is colour contrast. This can strike as really summery, but surely, these colourful bags can also be of good service during the darker periods of the year. The several new designs of the Serve The Noon collection will free a lot of people from the everlasting struggle of finding the perfect bag. They just match each person, each occasion.

LoverS or frieNds? is a very limited mini collection for all your lovers, friends and others. When you don't find the right words to say something, this collection says it all.
It's shiny leather changes in the light. From almost black to deep red.
The designs you know in a new appearence, you didn't know yet.

StaTioN is about lots of colours, new designs, different places, seeing the world.
Somenthing everyone dreams about, isn't it?
I hope you take your STN.bag with you to explore the world.
Home is where the heart is.


Avoid exposing your bag to heat and direct sunlight


Keep your handbag free of moisture


When not used, store the bag in its cover in a cool, dry place


If you have any problem with your STN.bag,
please feel free to contact us at info@stnbags.be

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